Dr. Shivanand.S Patil is a very trusted name in the field of cardiology. Holding immense expertise in a wide spectrum of cardiac interventions he has treated patients with complex cardiovascular diseases and ailments.
He is a professor of Cardiology in the prestigious Sri Jayadeva Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences &Research and has been involved in teaching postgraduates and junior consultants. He is also a Senior Consultant Interventional Cardiologist at Fortis Hospitals, Bannerghatta road. He has performed more than 15000 cath lab procedures including diagnostic and interventional procedures. He is skilled in Conducting and Interpreting 2D Echo and Doppler studies. He is trained in interpreting complex rhythm abnormalities of the heart. Dr. Patil is skillful in conducting various other cardiac tests and he understands the patient issues. He is a distinguished academician and has delivered many lectures in conferences & training programs.
He is active member of CSI(Cardiology Society  of India),ICC (Indian College of Cardiology)

Education & Qualifications

  • M.B.B.S - M. R Medical College, Gulbarga
  • M.D (Internal Medicine) - M.R. Medical College, Karnataka 
  • D.M (Cardiology) - Sri Jayadeva Institute Of  Cardiology, Karnataka 


  • Asst. Professor of Cardiology, Sri Jayadeva Institute Of Cardiovascular Sciences & Research, Bangalore
  • Associate Professor of Cardiology, Sri Jayadeva Institute Of Cardiovascular Sciences & Research, Bangalore
  • Professor of Cardiology, Sri Jayadeva Institute Of Cardiovascular Sciences & Research, Bangalore

Research & Publications

  • R Rangaraj, Nagraj Moorthy, Shivanand S Patil,C N Manjunath:Brugada type electrocardiographic pattern induced by electrocution.    Indian Pacing and Electrophysiology Journal (ISSN 0972-6292),9(1): 56-59(2009).
  • Aravinda Prasad K, Jayakeerthi Y, Shivanand Patil, Rangaraj R, Anand H K. Manjunath C N: Cardiac Manifestations of Lymphoma. Indian Heart Journal.2010; 62:72-73.
  • Rangaraj Ramalingam, Shivanand S Patil, Rajiv Ananthakrishna, Manjunath C Nanjappa: Pacemaker lead - straight through the heart. BMJ case reports 2011:doi:10.1136/bcr.09.2011.4775.
  • Dramatic spontaneous resolution of contained rupture of left ventricle within 24 h–A case report Tarun Kumar, Basant Kumar, Rangaraj Ramalingam, Shivanand Patil, K Subramanyam, Cholenahally Nanjappa Manjunath… - Journal of Indian College of Cardiology, 3, 2013, 77-80
  • Survival after total occlusion of the left main coronary artery during coronary angiography: A case report Tarun Kumar,  Shivanand Patil, Basant Kumar, Ashish Agarwal, K Subramanyam,  Rangaraj Ramalingam, Cholenahally Nanjappa Manjunath… - Journal of Indian College of Cardiology, 3, 2013,187-189.
  • Accura balloon rupture during percutaneous trans-septal mitral commissurotomy: a rare and potentially fatal complication Vivek Singla, Soumya Patra, Shivanand Patil, Rangaraj Ramalingam BMJ Case Rep 2013. doi:10.1136/bcr-2013-009819
  • Lithium-induced sinus node dysfunction at therapeutic concentration T Kumar, S Deora, A Agarwal, R Rangraj, S Patil, CN Manjunath. JIACM 2013; 14(1):62-63
  • Tendon xanthomas as indicators of an atherosclerotic burden on coronary arteries Shivanand Patil, Jayashree Kharge, Vittal Bagi, Rangaraj Ramalingam - Indian heart journal, 65, 2013,491-492.
  • Successful percutaneous removal of broken mitral valvuloplasty coiled tip guidewire... Shivanand Patil, Ashish Agarwal, Rangaraj Ramalingam, Tarun Kumar, Neena Agarwal, Cholenahally N Manjunath... Cardiovascular Intervention and Therapeutics 2013.DOI 10.1007/s12928-013-0178-8..
  • Bag of worms in coronary angiogram: an interesting case of right coronary artery collateral circulation Sunil Srinivas, Shivanand Patil, Shivkumar Bhairappa, Rangaraj Ramalingam - BMJ case reports, 2013. doi:10.1136/bcr-2012-007800
  • Flail tricuspid valve secondary to blunt chest trauma Sunil Kumar Srinivas, Shivanand Patil, Rangaraj Ramalingam, Shivkumar Bhairappa - BMJ Case Reports, 2012 doi:10.1136/bcr-2012-006744
  • Idiopathic Dilatation of the Right Atrium: Clinical and Diagnostic Pitfalls–A Series of 3 Cases Kikkeri Hemannashetty Srinivasa, Jayashree Kharge, Shivanand Patil, Kapil Rangan, Rangaraj Ramalingam. - Echocardiography, 2013;30:984-988
  • Large Pericardial Effusion: A Clinical Dilemma! Rangaraj Ramalingam, Nithinkumar S Kadakol, Shivanand Patil, CN Manjunath - Journal of the association of physicians of India, vol 61, 2013
  • Coronary perforation with cardiac tamponade  - Bailed out with the covered stent Himanshu Mahla*, Rangaraj Ramalingam, Shivanand Patil, Kasam S. Subramanyam, Cholenahally N. Manjunath.Journal of Indian College of Cardiology 4 (2014 ) 194-196
  • Non-identical yet similar: presentation of coronary artery disease in dizygotic twins
  • Shivanand S. Patil, Rangraj Ramalingam, Kasamshetty Subramanyam, Deepak Pujar,  Cholenahally Nanjappa Manjunath, Nirlep Gajiwala, Ashok Thakkar. Cardiovasc Diagn Ther 2015;5(2):145-149              
  • Expect the Unexpected: A Unique Association of Bicuspid Aortic Valve, with Severe Aortic Stenosis and Dilation of Ascending Aorta, with Cervical Vagus Nerve Schwannoma. Shivanand Patil, Rangaraj Ramalingam, Kasamshetty Subramanyam, Deepak Pujar, Cholenahally Nanjappa Manjunath. International Journal of Clinical Medicine, 2015, 6, 281-284
  • Early and Rarely – A Unique Case of Calcification in Stage 2 Chronic Kidney Disease. Shivanand Sangannagouda Patil1 , Rangaraj Rama Lingam2 , Subramanyam Kasam Shetty3 , Deepak Kumar Pujar4 , Manjunath Nanjappa Cholenahally5. Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research. 2015 Jul, Vol-9(7): OJ03-OJ04
  • Successful Retrieval of Uncoiled Coronary Guidewire Using Simple Balloon Method. Shivanand Patil, Rangraj Ramalingam, Jayashree Kharge, Mohan Nayak, Cholenahally Nanjappa Manjunath. Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research. 2015 Oct, Vol-9(10): OD01-OD03.
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  • Tough, but not impossible – Retrieval of large atrial septal occluder devices embolized to left atrium: RANGARAJ RAMALINGAM, SHIVANAND PATIL*, NATRAJ SETTY, JAYASHREE KHARGE, BEERESHA PUTTEGOWDA, JAYASHEELAN MAMBALLY RACHAIAH, CHOLENAHALLY NANJAPPA MANJUNATH. Interventional Medicine & Applied Science, Vol. 9 (1), pp. 42–46 (2017).

Abstracts and Papers Presented:

  •  Percutaneous retrieval of broken mitral valvuloplasty coiled tip guidewire. EURO PCR 2013
  • Shivanand S Patil, C.N.Manjunath, B.Ramesh, Rangaraj. R,Nagraj Moorthy: Renal Artery Stenosis:Prevalence and associated risk factors in patients undergoing routine cardiac catheterization.Presented at 6th annual conference of CSI Karnataka Chapter 2008
  • Shivanand Patil, C.N.Manjunath, B.Ramesh,Rangaraj R,Manohar J.S, K.S.Subramanyam, Nagraj Moorthy: Renal Artery Stenosis: An overlooked clinical entity.Presented at 15th annual conference ICC 2008 
  • K.Subramanyam, K.S.Ravindranath, C.N.Manjunath, Shivanand.Patil, Seetharam Bhat: Rare case presentation of unruptured aneurysm of sinus of Valsalva involving all the 3 sinuses. Presented at 15th annual conference ICC 2008 
  • J.S.Manohar, C.N.Manjunath, Prabhavathi, K.H.Srinivas, Shivanand Patil: Tissue Doppler imaging for estimation of LV filling pressure in patients with systolic and diastolic heart failure. A comparative simultaneous Doppler-catheterisation study. Presented at 15th annual conference ICC 2008.
  • Shivanand Patil, Rangaraj R, K Subramanyam, C N Manjunath: PCI in anaomalous coronary arteries. Presented at 66th annual CSI conference 2014.
  • Retrieval of the coronary guidewire by paired guidewires knotted. Shivanand Patil, Rangaraj Ramalingam, Kasamshetty Subramanyam, Nagraj Moorthy, Cholenahally Nanjappa Manjunath: presented at TCT INDIA NEXT 2015 Conference.


  • Coronary Interventions 
  • Non Invasive Cardiology
  • Complex Rhythm Abnormalities of heart
  • Coronary Angioplasty (Both radial and femoral)