Internal Medicine and Diabetology

Internal Medicine and Diabetology

The Department of Internal Medicine and Diabetology at United Hospitals is a hub of expertise and excellence, committed to helping patients suffering from conditions involving various internal organs. The department has a dedicated team of internists, holding specialization in the effective management and treatment of conditions like diabetes, dengue, and hypertension. The department also offers comprehensive adult vaccination programs for alleviating the risks of a wide spectrum of infectious diseases.



It is a viral infection that spreads through mosquito bites and is characterized by symptoms like headache, body pain, nausea and rashes. It has been estimated that about 1 out of 20 people who are infected, is likely to develop a serious infection, which elevates the risks of internal bleeding or shock, and may even prove to be life-threatening.


The condition is marked by an abnormal increase in the blood sugar levels of the patient which is either due to the inability of the body to produce enough insulin or effectively use the insulin that has been produced. A diabetic person is likely to experience 3 major symptoms - polydipsia, marked by excess thirst, polyuria, marked by frequent urination and polyphagia, characterized by uncontrollable hunger 


The condition is marked by an increase in the force of blood against the arteries. When this happens for a long period of time, it is likely to damage the arteries and put you at a higher risk of developing various heart diseases. It is characterized by symptoms like headaches, nosebleeds, arrhythmia and vision change. 

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