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The Department of Rheumatology at United Hospital offers innovative approaches and advanced treatment modalities for the effective management of a wide gamut of rheumatological ailments, affecting patients of all age groups. It is backed by a specialized team of rheumatologists, who are committed to delivering the finest care to patients with multidisciplinary approaches and individually tailored treatment plans. The department offers a vast range of facilities and is a hub of excellence, adhering to stringent benchmarks of quality and patient care that aim at giving you a hassle-free experience. 



It is the most common type of arthritis that is very common in the elderly. The condition is triggered by the gradual wear and tear of the cartilage that is present at the end of the bones. As this happens, there is no protective medium between two bone ends and they start rubbing against each other, resulting in unbearable pain, limited mobility and restricted range of motion.

alt=Rheumatoid arthritis

It is an autoimmune disease marked by chronic inflammation. The immune system of a person suffering from the condition starts attacking the healthy cells, resulting in swelling. Abbreviated as RA, the condition is most likely to target the joints and can attack 2 or more different joints simultaneously. 


It is also an autoimmune disease that can attack various different organs of the body, like the joints, skin, renal system, blood cells or cardiothoracic system. The symptoms associated with the condition may vary from one person to another depending upon the organ that has been affected. Some common types of lupus include SLE, cutaneous lupus, drug-induced lupus and neonatal lupus. 


It is a term specifically used for arthritis that attacks the bones/joints in or around the spine. The condition usually affects teenagers and people in their 20s. The risks are even higher if it runs in your family. Ankylosing spondylitis (AS) and psoriatic arthritis (PsA) are the most common types of Spondyloarthropathies. 

alt=Sjogrens syndrome

Characterized by two key symptoms, dry eyes and dry mouth, Sjogren’s syndrome is commonly experienced with other autoimmune disorders like RA and lupus. The condition targets the mucus membranes that are present in the mouth and eyes and drastically impacts the production of tears and saliva. 


 It is one of the most complex types of arthritis, marked by severe pain, tenderness and redness. You may experience the attack anytime, even while sleeping at night and the symptoms can be unbearable at times. The condition is triggered by the excessive build-up of uric acid in your body, resulting in the formation of urate crystals. 

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