ENT, Head & Neck

ENT, Head & Neck

The Department of ENT at United Hospital is a hub of clinical excellence, catering to the needs of patients suffering from a wide gamut of ailments, traumatic injuries and malignancies involving the ears, nose and throat. The department is manned by a team of immensely trained ENT specialists with years of experience in the field, who are equipped with the latest modalities from across the globe. The team offers a comprehensive yet personalized approach based on thorough evaluation and assessment of the patient, which is carried out in our dedicated labs. The treatment plans are curated to yield the best outcomes and ensure a hassle-free journey to recovery. 



It is a subspecialty of ENT that is solely dedicated to the diagnosis, treatment and management of conditions that affect the ears. Our team resorts to the use of the latest modalities and is experienced in performing the most complex procedures including microsurgery, reconstructive surgery and hearing implants. 



It is a sub-speciality of ENT that addresses problems related to the voice, throat and oral cavity. This involves congenital diseases, acquired ailments, traumatic injuries and cancers. The team uses state of the art modalities from across the globe, to ensure unparalleled treatment and care to the patients


It is a subspecialty of ENT, entirely dedicated to the effective management of the entire gamut of ailments involving the nose, using medication and surgical modalities. The department specializes in all kinds of procedures, ranging from simple to complex and offers specially curated plans based on the detailed evaluation. 

alt=Head and Neck surgeries

It is a collective term used for a wide gamut of surgical interventions that are performed to treat conditions involving the head & neck. Such surgical procedures are quite complex and require immense expertise. Our team is backed by best in class technology and techniques for ensuring world-class treatments. 

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