Total Knee Replacement

Total Knee Replacement

If the distance in your own house looks longer than it really is, its time to get your strength back with Total Knee Replacement.

Knee Replacement is also called knee arthroplasty, it is a surgical procedure to replace the weight-bearing surfaces of the knee joint to relieve pain and disability. The procedure involves the removal of the damaged cartilage and bone from the knee. Then the surgeon attaches the metal implant to the ends of the thigh and calf bones. The right doctor to consult for knee replacement is an orthopedic and a Joint replacement surgeon along with a physiotherapist.  The success rate varies between 85-90%. 90% of the cases of total knee replacement last around 20 years or more.


Itinerary For Knee Replacement Surgery

Day 1

  • Our operation team meets the patient, helps in settling and starts on-ground assistance.
  • The patient meets the concerned doctor.

Day 2

  • The patient meets the doctor and gets the evaluations done.
  • Tests such as X-Ray, Blood Investigations, etc done according to the doctor’s prescription.

Day 3

  • The patient meets the doctor with reports and plans the surgery accordingly.
  • Pre-surgery medications are prescribed.

Day 4

  • Arrive at the hospital 2 hours prior to surgery.
  • After surgery the patient is moved into observation under Intensive Care
  • After 24 hours if the patient is stable then shifted to a normal ward/room.
  • Following surgery, you will be given pain medications through an IV. The IV medication will be given through a PCA (Patient-Controlled Analgesia) pump. This form of medication allows you to control your own medication. Shortly after surgery, you will then be given oral pain medications and the PCA will be stopped. Once you are tolerating clear liquids, your diet will be advanced slowly until you are ready for a regular meal again.

Day 5

  • The patient is re-evaluated by the surgeon.
  • Physiotherapy and Mobilisation are started as per the clinical status of the patient, level of pain and neurological status.
  • The patient would be able to stand on his feet and start walking on the very next day after surgery.
  • Foley's catheter (Urine pipe) is removed after administering antibiotics and patients are encouraged to go to the washroom. A soft diet is started.
  • Surgeries like shoulder reconstruction, catheter insertion can be avoided.

Day 6-7

  • Medicines are gradually switched to oral form and movements increased. A normal diet is started.
  • The patient can climb stairs during this period and can do his routine works independently and become ambulant gradually.

Day 8

  • Patient is re-evaluated by the surgeon.
  • Detailed counseling is done about dos and don'ts (to be followed after discharge) and medicines are explained.
  • Patient is discharged from the hospital.

Day 9-20

  • Stay in a hotel or any place preferred by the patient near the hospital premises.
  • On day 16 - The patient will come to the hospital for follow-up visit with the treating surgeon. Stitch removal can be done.

Why United Hospital?

Efficient and Empathetic staff

Our health care professionals are dedicated to providing the best healthcare services, prioritizing the needs of the patient.

Latest and advanced technology

We aim at providing the latest diagnostics, high-tech treatment facilities and constructive medical procedures at affordable prices.

Transparent Pricing

We have a transparent pricing system with detailed information of tests, consultations and medical procedures.

Patient-Centric Approach

We believe in adopting a patient centric approach to cater the individual needs of the patient.


I was admitted at United Hospital for about 3 days. Right from admission formalities, the rooms and the overall facilities, I was cared for. The doctors, especially Dr. Raghavendra Prakash and Dr. Navya were excellent. They were very calm, patiently answered my trivial questions without hesitation and made it a point to explain every course of treatment that I was undergoing. The support staff deserves a mention. They were equally supportive in making my hospital stay as comfortable as possible. It’s a great hospital. Congratulations United Hospital…keep up the great work and commitment in serving the patients as always!

Mr. Ashutosh Vardhan

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