Discectomy Surgery

Discectomy Surgery

At Uniteds finest discectomy department, a little incision on the back can help you get rid of months of radiating, acute, and chronic pain.

Discectomy is a surgical procedure to remove the damaged portion of a herniated disc in your spine. A herniated disc can irritate or compress nearby nerves. Discectomy is most effective for treating pain that radiates down your arms or legs.


What are the indications of discectomy?

  • You have trouble standing or walking because of nerve weakness
  • Conservative treatment, such as physical therapy or steroid injections, fails to improve your symptoms after six to 12 weeks
  • Pain radiating into your buttocks, legs, arms or chest becomes too much to manage


What are the types of discectomy?

The types of discectomy procedures include:

  • Cervical discectomy - is the removal of a disc in the neck area (cervical spine).
  • Lumbar discectomy - is the removal of a disc in the lower back (lumbar spine).
  • Sacral discectomy - is the removal of a disc in the back between your pelvic, or hip bones (sacral spine).
  • Thoracic discectomy - is the removal of a disc in the middle part of the back (thoracic spine).


How is a discectomy performed?

  • Open surgery
  • Microdiscectomy
  • Anterior discectomy


What are the advantages of discectomy?

The minimally invasive spine surgery includes the following advantages:

  • Small incision
  • Minimal scar tissue formation
  • Short recovery
  • High Success rate
  • Minimal blood loss
  • Preservation of spinal mobility
  • Local Anaesthesia
  • Less hospital stay
  • Same-day surgery

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