Dr. Suhasini is an ENT - HNS & Rhinoplasty Surgeon in the United Hospitals. She has experience in the field of ENT, head and neck surgeries and sub specializes in Rhinoplasty surgeries. Most ENT procedures are complex and intricate surgeries requiring expertise and she specializes in many complex interventions. She has dissected more than 40 cadavers during her training period in understanding the detailed anatomy of all layers and patterns of nose structure for Rhinoplasty procedures.  
She has also contributed to the field of ENT through her research and papers. 

Education & Qualifications

  • M.B.B.S. - Al-Ameen Medical College RGUHS, Bijapur, Karnataka, India
  • M.S.(  ENT & HNS)  Gold Medalist - Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College, KAHER, Belagavi, Karnataka, India
  • Exchange Fellowship programme in Rhinoplasty - Asan Medical Center, Seoul, South Korea under Prof. Dr. Yong Ju Jang
  • Fellowship in Rhinoplasty - Ghaisas ENT & Rhinoplasty Center, Pune.  


Assistant Professor at Kempegowda institute of medical sciences, Bangalore.

Research & Publications

  • Won the prestigious national award Dr.Gananathan Govindswamy Research paper award in AOICON January 2020 at Nagpur.
  • Won Dr. A Mahadevaiah’s Gold medal for PAPER presentation at “AOIKCON Bagalkot – 2017 on Cadaveric analysis of Nasal Bones and their variations.”
  • Won Dr. A Mahadevaiah’s Gold medal for PAPER presentation on “External nasal nerve and its variations” at 6th International Rhinoplasty workshop at Hyderabad September 2018. 
  • Won a Gold Medal for PAPER presentation at 37th Annual CME on cancer and theme on “Role of selective intralesional embolization in vascular conditions of the nose and paranasal sinuses” Belgaum April 2019 
  • Secured Silver Medal in Ekalavya Quiz at “AOIKCON Bagalkot – 2017” 
  • International –POSTER presentation on External nasal nerve and its nuances at Asan Rhinoplasty Symposium at Seoul, South Korea in May 2018.

Presentations and workshops. 

  • National – PAPER presentation at “Society of Clinical Anatomists – June 2017 in Belgaum”.
  • National – PAPER presentation at “RHINOCON Amritsar– August 2017”. 
  • State – PANELIST on post graduate teaching at “AOIKCON Bagalkot – 2017”. 
  • State – PAPER presentation on Structural variations on Nasal keystone area at “AOIKCON Mandya Oct -2018”.
  • State – POSTER presentation on Nasal Nerve and its course at “AOIKCON Mandya Oct – 2018”. 
  • Hands-on experience at “International Facial Plastic Workshop – Bangalore in Sept 2016”. 
  • Hands on workshop on “Nasal Allergy testing at Belgaum in March 2017”.
  • Hands on workshop on “Thyroid surgeries at Nagpur by Dr. Kapre in Feb 2019”.
  • Attended 4th International Rhinoplasty workshop at Pune in 2017. 
  • Attended the 5th International Rhinoplasty workshop at Pune in 2019. 
  • Attended Cadaveric workshop on OTORHINO in December 2016.
  • Attended Cadaveric Workshop on Lateral Skull Base Surgery in December 2019. 
  • Attended Live Masterclass Webinar in August 2018
  • Attended Basic and advanced Vestibular workshop September 2018
  • Attended Thyroid Master Class at Kolhapur in August 2016. 
  • Attended OTORHINO workshop at Kolhapur in February 2019.
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  • Rhinoplasty surgeries 
  • Ear surgeries 
  • Nose surgeries 
  • Throat surgeries 
  • Neck surgeries
  • Vertigo evaluation 
  • Nasal Allergy 
  • Endoscopies 
  • Voice evaluation

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