Why choose India?

Patients travel to India in search of innovative treatments and low-cost procedures with high-quality facilities, making it the most popular medical tourism destination in the world.

Why choose India?

Over the years, India has progressed tremendously, to now be recognised as one of the most preferred healthcare destinations in the world. With technology changing the way businesses are looked at these days, the healthcare sector too has seen a phenomenal change. Hospitals in India are now well-equipped with the most modern medical equipment and Infrastructure.

Indian Hospitals continue to embrace changes in technology, as and how they unfold and implement them, in the healthcare system. Medical excellence in the country is now on par with International Standards as our doctors keep themselves updated on the latest developments in Medical Science and upgrade their skillsets.

Indian Doctors continue to make immense contributions around the world. However, a look at history has proved that India has always had a leading reputation in the field of medicine.

It recognised the use of medicines for diseases far before anyone else in the world and even today, the basis of most modern medicines still boils down to the wisdom of Indian medical practices of years gone by. Today, due to their proficiency in using technology, in carrying out surgeries across different fields, Indian Doctors are seen as a ray of hope for many patients across the world.

Bengaluru City, known as The Silicon Valley of India, has contributed immensely to India’s growth towards becoming a preferred medical destination for International guests with affordable medical care. Subsequently, United Hospital in Bengaluru has emerged as one of the preferred hospitals, for Comprehensive Tertiary Care. Supported by a team of excellent doctors, nursing staff, support staff and paramedical staff, the hospital leaves no stone unturned in offering patient care with the highest standards.