Total Hip Replacement

Total Hip Replacement

For total hip replacement, both the procedure and the post-surgery pain management options are easy and straightforward, and rapid recovery and return to full activity are the norm.

What is a total hip replacement?

Total Hip Replacement (THR) is a joint surgical procedure in which some parts of a damaged or an arthritic joint like the hip joint are removed and replaced with a metal or plastic device known as a prosthesis. The prosthesis is designed for enabling the artificial joint to move just like a normal and healthy joint.


What are the indications of THR?

If you have any of the arthritis symptoms which are not responding well to conservative management like medicines, physiotherapy, etc. You should consider hip replacement surgery. Symptoms mentioned below could be indicative that you require THR:

  • Severe hip pain which is not relieved by medicines and interferes with your sleep, work, or daily activity
  • Hip stiffness restricts motion and creates difficulty in walking.


What are hip implants made of?

There are three different types of implants:

  1. The stem: It is made out of metal and is inserted into the natural thighbone.
  2. The ball: It is usually made out of polished metal or ceramic material. It fits on top of the stem.
  3. The socket: It is generally a combination of a plastic liner and a cobalt-chrome or titanium backing.

What is hip replacement surgery recovery like?

The rehabilitation usually starts within 24 hours after the surgery. Most hip replacement patients progress from walking with a cane, walker, or crutches in a few days after surgery. With each progressing day, the distance and frequency of walking are increased gradually to avoid complication risks.

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