OPD & IPD Information

At United, Outpatient (OPD) and in-patient (IPD) services are both offered on all working days, and are both efficient and patient-friendly.

OPD & IPD Information

Out Patient Department (OPD) Appointment

Our efficient OPD staff at United Hospitals will help you in booking an appointment with your concerned doctor. You can either book your appointment online or just walk in to the hospital. The OPD staff will assist and guide you through the process. A copy of the same is also sent to you on your email id. In case you want to re-schedule your appointment to another date convenient to you or the hospital requests you to do so due to the non-availability of your doctor, our representative will assist you with alternate solutions.

Your time is extremely precious to us. United Hospital will do everything to minimize your waiting time and see through your doctor consultation as quickly as possible. For physically challenged patients, you can request for assistance while booking an appointment tself. Your comfort is of paramount importance for us.

In patient Admission

After consultation, if your doctor recommends an admission to the hospital, you can get in touch with our In Patient help desk. Our patient care co-ordinators will be very happy to help you in selecting your choice of rooms/wards suiting your comfort. On the day of your admission, our staff will accompany you to your ward/room after completing the due in patient registration formalities. Your designated floor manager will visit you to find out your comfort every day and assist you if you need any extra comfort. If you are accompanied by your attendant, his/her comfort will also not be compromised upon at any cost.


Once your doctor advices the inpatient staff on your discharge, your co-ordinator will start preparing your discharge summary. After the necessary clearances and approval from your doctor, you will be discharged from the hospital. If you require ambulance services, our co-ordinators will be very happy to assist you with the same. Physically challenged patients are supported by personal patient care co-ordinators to ensure their safety and comfort.