Patients Rights & Responsibilities

Thank you for entrusting your medical care to United. We want you to understand your rights and responsibilities as a patient early on in your treatment.

Patients Rights & Responsibilities


  • To receive accommodating and respectful care.
  • Right to information.
  • Right to give informed approval
  • Right to privacy.
  • Right to confidentiality.
  • Right to honest care and treatment.
  • Right to receive all copies of tests, reports, summaries and records.
  • Right to know if the patient will be subjected to any clinical trial or medical research activity. .
  • Right to receive estimate of the total medical expenses involved.
  • Right to expect continued care.
  • Right to take second opinion.
  • Right to decline treatment.
  • Right to escalate complaints to the highest level and receive feedback on the resolution process.
  • Right to report any form of personal abuse or sexual harassment.


  • To furnish clear, complete, accurate and correct information for proper diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and counselling purposes.
  • To strictly follow doctors instructions.
  • To keep the doctor informed with respect to after effects faced due to medications during treatment.
  • To take precautionary measures as advised by the doctor in case of infectious diseases.
  • To get a complete clarity of the cost of the treatment.
  • To get a complete clarity of the type of treatment.
  • To clear medical bills in time.
  • To treat doctors, nursing staff and other hospital staff
  • To take care and protect the hospital environment.
  • To handle any hospital equipment with care
  • To utilize the health system properly and do not abuse/monopolize it.
  • To follow the “NO SMOKING POLICY” of hospital.
  • To be aware of hospital procedures to evacuate the hospital during any natural emergency.
  • To honour hospital code of conduct.