I was admitted at United Hospital for about 3 days. Right from admission formalities, the rooms and the overall facilities, I was cared for. The doctors, especially Dr. Raghavendra Prakash and Dr. Navya were excellent. They were very calm, patiently answered my trivial questions without hesitation and made it a point to explain every course of treatment that I was undergoing. The support staff deserves a mention. They were equally supportive in making my hospital stay as comfortable as possible. It’s a great hospital. Congratulations United Hospital…keep up the great work and commitment in serving the patients as always!

Mr. Ashutosh Vardhan

I would like to express my gratitude to United Hospital Jayanagar for the successful knee replacement surgery. I would also like to extend my thanks to the doctors, nurses and staff who took care of me before, especially Dr. Chandramouli sir, during and after the surgery. I am truly grateful for the care and support I received from everyone. Dr. Vikram and Shanthakumar sir are great human beings. The management has given me the affordable tariff.

Mr. Balakrishna P

United hospital as the name suggests we find all the specialities under one roof with a dedicated staff. The front desk staff is courteous and smiling. The first impression is the best impression and as said reception or front desk is the face of the hospital. So it is very nice to see such a friendly environment right from OPD to In-patient. Nurses are also very empathetic. Keep the good work going.

Mr. Manju G

The service of the hospital is very good and we are happy with the care given to the patient. I thank Dr. Ameresh and Mrs. Tanuja and other support staff for the smooth processing. Thank you United.

Mr. Mithun Md

We approached United Hospital for major spine surgery under Dr. Yogesh Pithwa and his team. The comfort, care provided was excellent. We experienced homely care during my hospital stay. The surgery was done very successfully and safely. We express our extreme gratitude to the entire United Hospital team. Coordinator Mrs. Hajeera was excellent in her service.

Mr. Muralidhar AP

We visited Dr. Ashish K Chand and are very happy with the services at United Hospital. The staff is very cooperative and very empathetic…thank you United Hospital. It gives the patient confidence that his problem will be solved in this hospital. That is the care we are getting at the hospital. Thank you Dr. Ashish.

Mr. Shrutikanta Pradhan

I had a 2.2 cm kidney stone removed without any incision on the body. They offer advanced equipment on IRS process. I recommend this hospital for kidney stone removal surgery.

Mr. Siva Kumar

I had come to United Hospital for my hernia and prostate repair. I am thankful to Dr. Ramraj for all the support. I would also like to thank Mrs. Lakshmi for all the help she has given before and during the stay in the hospital. thank you United hospital. Keep the good work going.

Mr. Sudarshan Nirmala

We came to meet Dr. Rajeev and were advised admission at United Hospital. Thank you team United for all the support, care and the empathy given to the patient.

Mr. Sunil Kumar Mollati

I visited Dr. Rajeev Bashetty. He was friendly, clear in communication and explained the problem in detail and the course of action. The hospital is well managed with quality staff. All the tests and checkups were well coordinated.

Mr. Vachan Rai

I am very happy with the hospitality, caring staff. Doctors are also amazing. Dr. Ramraj has done my Hernia Surgery & I am very happy now. Dr. Shivkumar is also very good and experienced, I advise all to visit the hospital & consult with the experienced doctors here. Thank you so much.

Mr. Vikram Vicky

I was referred by Dr. Raghavendra Prakash who is our family doctor since 15 years to consult Dr. Uday (Urology). After seeing the investigations, he referred me to general surgeon Dr. Niranjan and I am very happy with the service. Dr. Niranjan is an excellent surgeon and I am very happy with the hospital. The doctors, nursing team, Mrs. Lakshmi (PRM) and Mrs. Tanuja and other front desk staff were very cordial and guided me in every step in the process. Thank you for the excellent treatment and very good patient care. I would definitely recommend the hospital for my family and friends.

Mr. Vimarsh Viz

My mom Mrs. E M Martin had a fall in the bathroom and was suffering from pain in the knee which was operated 11 yrs back. When we consulted Dr. Chandramouli, he referred us to United Hospital for revision TKR. The surgery went well and the entire staff including doctors, nurses & coordinators have been very supportive. We thank the entire team and we recommend this hospital to others as well.

Ms. Caroline Chandraprabha

We come for consultation at United hospital, Dr. Chandramouli provided excellent consultation and staff are very good.

Ms. Risika Sultana

I consulted Dr. Raghavendra Prakash for low BP and high heart rate. I thank Dr. Raghvendra Prakash for his expertise and excellent service. I thank United hospital and staff for their good service. A special thanks to Lakshmi for her co-ordination.

Ms. Shreevidya Ramesh