Laparoscopic Hernia Repair

Laparoscopic Hernia Repair

We make life pain-free with Laparoscopic Hernia Repair that ensures better recovery and no discomfort.

Laparoscopic hernia repair is a minimally invasive surgical procedure done to repair the protrusion.


What are the indications of laparoscopic hernia repair?

A hernia is a protrusion of internal organs or other parts of the body through the muscle wall or tissue that usually contains it. Abdomen is the most common site for hernia development is the abdomen due to the weakening of the abdominal walls, which results in a bulge or tear. The most common types of hernia are:

  • Inguinal - Protrusion happens in the inner groin

  • Femoral - Protrusion happens in the outer groin/upper thigh

  • Incisional - Protrusion happens through a scar or incision in the abdomen

  • Ventral - Protrusion happens in the general abdominal/ventral wall

  • Umbilical - Protrusion happens at the belly button

  • Hiatal - Protrusion happens inside the abdomen, along the diaphragm/upper stomach


How is the procedure done?

During laparoscopic hernia repair, various small incisions are made where there is a protrusion. Through these incisions, surgical tools are inserted into the openings to repair the hernia. This kind of laparoscopic surgery can be performed with or without surgical mesh (a medical device that supports the damaged tissue around the hernia during its healing phase).


What are the benefits of laparoscopic hernia repair?

Below-mentioned is some of the benefits:

  • Less tissue dissection and disruption of tissue plane
  • Small scars
  • Short hospital stay
  • Less tissue cutting
  • Less pain post-operation
  • Quick healing as the scar is small
  • Quick return to work
  • Reduced risk of infection

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